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Literature for Children and Adolescents - EDUC 270 Resource Guide: Curriculum

The study of literature for children and adolescents as a literary genre.

Finding Curriculum Materials about Children's and YA Literature

Additional curriculum materials that use children’s and young adult literature as a basis for teaching can be found by

Lesson Plan Resources

These are online resources available to all students and faculty.

Children's Literature Reference Books at Stafford Library

These books are available in Stafford Library.

Curriculum Resource Center - Stafford Library

Columbia College has a curriculum recource center that contains textbooks, activity books, kits, multimedia, juvenile fiction, and juvenile nonfiction. The collection provides resources to assist the students in the Education Department and can be used by students and faculty in Columbia, Missouri.

Classroom Library

Some sources for a classroom library:

  • Garage Sales
  • Used book stores
  • Library sales
  • Parent donations
  • Book swaps
  • Grants
  • Bonus points from classroom book clubs

Here's some books at our library on classroom libraries.