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English Resource Guide: Find Articles

Finding Critical Work on Literature

Printable Help Guides

Databases for articles on literature

These databases contain articles on a broad range of subject areas including critical work on authors and their works.

In the above databases, look for where you can limit your search to full text and peer-reviewed material. If book reviews come up in your search, skip them – book reviews are not acceptable resources for most papers.

In the above databases there are a couple of default settings that need to be changed so you don’t get entries in a result list that you cannot access. Look for and select the limit that will include only accessible content, deselect limits that include links to external content, and limit to articles only.


Search Tips

When searching for articles about a literary work, for best results put the work's title in quotes, for example, "The Color Purple."

In some databases it can narrow your search results when you use the author's last name first when searching, for example: Walker, Alice.

If you want to use both title and author in a search, connect them with the word "and".  Combining the author and title would look like: Walker, Alice and "The Color Purple".