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Climate & Topography effects on human settlements in different countries: Welcome

How does climate and topography effect human settlement and activities?

Get Started

Search Strategy

  • Go to
  • Click on the “Articles” tab under the Library Resources column.
  • Type geography in the search box.  Press the “enter” key.
  • You will see geography in the first search box at the top. 
  • Drop down the menu of the box to its right.  Click on “SU Subject Terms.”  This will limit your search to articles that are ABOUT geography and just don’t mention that word.
  • In the next search box, type the country you are researching.  Drop down the menu of the box to its right.  Click on “SU Subject Terms.” 
  • Click on the green search button. 
  • The narrow left column has limiters.  Click on the box to the left of “Full Text.”  This will limit your results to those articles you will most likely be able to read on the screen right away. 
  • If your teacher told you to use peer-reviewed articles, click on the box to the left of “Scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals.”
  • Look for the heading of “Subject: Thesaurus Term” in the narrow left column.  Click on it.  Click on “show more” at the bottom of the six entries there. 
  • Click on the boxes to the left of any terms that deal with human settlement and activities.  Then, click update.
  • Go through the articles to see if any are helpful. 
  • You can re-do the search and substitute “Climate” or “topography” for “geography.”