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Margaret Courter Memorial Print Collection

This print collection was purchased by Sidney Larson as a memorial for Margaret Courter, an art student of Columbia College.

About this Guide


This guide was designed to provide you with information on the Margaret Courter Memorial Print Collection at Columbia College.

The Margaret Courter Memorial Print Collection was purchased by Sidney Larson, an art instructor for the college from 1951-2001.  Dr. and Mrs. Sanford R. Courter donated the funds to purchase the prints as a memorial for their daughter, Margaret, who was an art major. Margaret died in 1968 while attending Christian College.  The collection contains thirty-eight prints from such well-known artists as Pablo Picasso, August Renoir, Francis Goya, Paul Cezanne, and Thomas Hart Benton.  Mr. Larson selected a broad range of works which would give students at the college a first-hand view of the major styles and movements in art during the 19th and 20th centuries.  The collection, purchased in 1970, originally hung in St. Clair Hall and was later moved to Stafford Library.

You can click on the letters on the left or the links below. The artists are organized by last name. 

  • A Anuszkiewicz, Richard -- Avati, Mario
  • B Barlach, Ernst -- Baskin, Leonard -- Benton, Thomas Hart -- Bonnard, Pierre
  • C Calder, Alexander -- Castellon, Federico -- Cezanne, Paul -- Chagall, Marc
  • D Daubigny, Charles Francis -- Daumier, Honore -- Dine, Jim -- Dix, Otto Wilhelm -- Driesbach, David
  • E Eichenberg, Fritz -- Echmair, Frank 
  • F Fink, Herbert -- French, Ray
  • G Goya, Francisco -- Giacometti, Alberto
  • H Helmick, Richard -- Hogarth, William
  • K Kenny, Thomas Henry -- Kollwitz, Kaethe
  • L Laurencin, Marie -- Leger, Fernand
  • M Magritte, Rene -- Maillol, Aristide -- McGinnis, Sheila -- Miro, Joan
  • N Nama, George
  • P Picasso, Pablo
  • R Reinhardt, Siegfried -- Renoir, Auguste -- Roualt, Georges
  • T Tarrago, Leticia


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