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English Composition II - ENGL 112 Resource Guide: Find Articles

This guide provides resources to assist in the process of argumentative academic writing, applied to literary texts and culminating in a research paper.

Find Articles


Article Quick Search

Find journal, magazine, and newspaper articles


Printable Help Guides

Journal & Newspaper Locator

Search for a journal, newspaper, or magazine title to see if the publication is available at the library in print and/or through one of our online databases. You can use this locator if you have a citation and want to find the article in full text.

Request an Article

Use this form to request the full text of a particular article. This service is only available to current Columbia College students, faculty and staff. 

MLA Database with articles on literature

Databases that include articles on literature

These databases contain articles on a broad range of subject areas including critical work on authors and their works.

In the above databases, look for where you can limit your search to full text and peer-reviewed material. If book reviews come up in your search, skip them – book reviews are not acceptable resources for most papers.

In the above databases there are a couple of default settings that need to be changed so you don’t get entries in a result list that you cannot access. Look for and select the limit that will include only accessible content, deselect limits that include links to external content, and limit to articles only.