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Mary Paxton Keeley- Resource Guide

Mary Paxton Keeley was a Christian College teacher.

About This Guide

Mary Paxton Keeley was the first woman graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism. A female pioneer in the field of professional journalism, she served as a mentor, teacher, and friend to countless students.- from Historic Missourians website. She taught journalism and creative writing at Christian College.

Mary Paxton Keeley at Christian College

Bess Truman

There are several mentions of Mary Paxton Keeley,

Dear Aunt Mary : the story of Mary Paxton Keeley...

Mary Paxton Keely, Former English instructor at Columbia College, Missouri.

Show Me Famous Missourians

Includes Mary Paxton Keeley and Jane Froman.

Journalism 1908

Chapter 9 has several references about Mary Paxton Keeley.

Dear Harry, Love Bess

Letters to Harry Truman that also includes references to her friend, Mary Paxton Keeley.