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Diversity in Organizations - MGMT 339 Resource Guide: Find E-Books

Assists in finding good resources on an inclusive organizational culture, on a diverse workplace, on the management of diversity in organizations, and on other topics related to the MGMT 339 Course.

Largest E-Book Database

Search our largest EBSCOHOST ebook collection:


EBSCOhost ebooks

EBSCOhost eBook Collection

An electronic book collection of more than 140,000 titles covering a wide range of subjects.

EBSCOhost eBooks on Diversity in the Workplace

Click on the link below to get a list of EBSCOhost e-books on this topic.

Other Relevant E-Book Databases Provided by the Library

Search these additional library databases for e-books.  

Selected E-Books on Topics Related to Diversity in Organizations

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Additional such books may be found in the databases provided on this page.