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How do I request books, articles, and documents for pick-up?: Requesting Books

Instructions on self-service pick up at Stafford Library

Books at Stafford Library:

  • You can request books or other physical items to be pulled from the shelves at our library and checked out to you. The items will be placed in a bag with your name on it and put on the right sections of shelves as you come in the library.
  • The fastest way request a physical book or other item is when the library is open. Contact us and we can assist you.
  • To request a book when we are not open, click on the Books tab on the Find It Box on our library home page.


Click on the Request button.

Fill in your name and your college ID with CC after the number.

You will recieve an email when the book is ready to be picked up on the self service shelves.

Pick up books on the right section.

Shelves for self service pick up