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Argumentation and Debate - COMM 323 Resource Guide: Welcome

About this Guide

This guide provides resources to use in Dr. Darnell's COMM 323 Argumentation and Debate class as you research the topic of tenure. Website is an excellent website for getting information on both sides of an issue. 

Below is a link to their "Teacher Tenure" web page.

Other Websites

Reports from the CQ Researcher Database

CQ Researcher contains detailed reports on many important issues of concern in society.

The reports listed below have information on tenure.Use the keyboard shortcut of CTRL + F to find out where the word "tenure" is used in each report.

Resources from the Opposing Viewpoints in Context Database

Click on the database link below. 

Type tenure in the search box at the top.

Click on the link for a specific resource, such as "Viewpoints" or "Academic Journals," to see the complete list of resources available. 

E-Books on Tenure

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Articles from Library Databases

Click on the links below for articles about tenure from various library databases.

You may modify the search terms in the boxes at the top and/or change the limiters in the left column.

Articles from the Peer Review Journal

The full title of this journal is Peer review: Emerging Trends and Key Debates in Undergraduate Education.  See the link below for articles from it on tenure.