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Accounting Resource Guide: Internet Links

Internet Links

U.S. Small Business Administration Resources for Accountants

The website of the Small Business Administration (SBA) "provides comprehensive resources for small businesses, small business owners, and prospective business owners."  (Quote is from the website itself.)

Use the search box on the website to find resources on accounting or explore the links on the site to find relevant information.  Below are samples of what you can find on the SBA website.

The Small Business Administration website also explains terms and concepts.  For example, see the links below.  Explore the SBA website for more explanations.

Other Federal Agencies and Their Resources

Below are links to government websites and resources that may be of interest to accounting students. 

To search for other government information, use one of the portals to U.S. Government Resources

Resources for Accounting Students and Instructors

Standards Setting Organizations

Finding Company and Industry Information

For guidance on how to find information on companies and industries, refer to the Company and Industry Information Resource Guide.

Evaluation of Internet Sites

Remember to evaluate the information you find when searching the Internet.  Not all Internet sites are trustworthy or appropriate to use as research sources.  If you have any concerns about the credibility of an Internet site, consult your instructor or a librarian for evaluation assistance.