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Business Administration Resource Guide: Find Articles

Find Articles

Business Databases

These databases are an excellent place to find journal articles on a wide variety of business topics.

Other Useful Databases for Business Articles

These multiple-subject databases may also be helpful for finding articles on business topics. 

Special Reports from the Library's "Opposing Viewpoints in Context" Database

In covering the pros and cons of a wide variety of social issues, this database includes:
  • Overview essays.
  • Viewpoint essays.
  • News/magazine/academic journal articles.
  • Reference entries.
  • Statistics.
  • Primary source documents.
  • Links to videos, audio, images, and reliable websites.
Click on the link below for the database itself and enter search terms in the box at the top of the screen. 
To access links to the topic/portal pages for all the issues covered in the database, click on the link below. 

Find Articles


Article Quick Search

Find journal, magazine, and newspaper articles


Newspaper Databases

The databases below give you access to search multiple newspaper titles simultaneously.

The New York Times

Below are two ways to access content in The New York Times.  The first is a database the library subscribes to, and the second is a website.

Journal & Newspaper Locator

Search for a journal, newspaper, or magazine title to see if the publication is available at the library in print and/or through one of our online databases. You can use this locator if you have a citation and want to find the article in full text.