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Educational Leadership Resource Guide: Program Tracks

This guide will provide resources for those interested in educational leadership, and candidates for the Master of Education, Education Leadership Program.

Master of Education Educational Leadership Degree

The Master of Education, Educational Leadership Degree is a graduate degree program that provides certificated teachers the advanced coursework and training to work in a leadership capacity for public and private schools and school districts.  This degree program emphasizes the multi-faceted roles in the changing paradigms of school leadership.   There is a core curriculum of 30 hours, and four tracks  providing an additional 6 hours of electives per track.   The tracks include:  Initial Principal Certificate, Instructional Leader, Director/Coordinator for At-Risk Students, and Athletic/Activities Director.    

The Master of Education, Educational Leadership courses are designed to meet the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium Standards.  The coursework is foundational, theoretical, applicable, and uses a common language for results aligned to a standards-based approach for determining performance levels.  The courses are primarily designed for students who are currently working in the field of education and desire advancement in their careers.  The Master of Education, Educational Leadership Program will complement the growing list of Masters degrees at Columbia College and will enable the Education Department to meet the career advancement interests and continuing education requirements for teachers with initial or advanced certification.