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Room Reservation Policy: Study Rooms and Classroom

The policy for reserving rooms in the library.

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Room Reservation Policy Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide fair and equitable access to the library rooms for all patrons.

Rooms Covered by This Policy

STF 108, Study room.

STF 109, Study room.

STF 110, Curriculum Resource Center.

STF 111, Study room.

STF 112, Classroom. 


Restrictions on Rooms

The education and juvenile collections in the Curriculum Resource Center are available for patrons to use even when the room is reserved.

The classroom is reserved only for academic classes, library instruction, library events, presentation practice, or large groups that may not comfortably fit into any of the other rooms. This room does not need to be reserved for group study. Multiple study groups can be in the classroom at the same time.

Who May Reserve the Library Rooms

  • Columbia College students, faculty, staff and alumni with courtesy cards.

  • Only faculty may reserve a room for an academic class.

Exceptions may be made only by the Director or Assistant Director of Stafford Library.

Reasons the Rooms May Be Reserved

Academic classes, library instruction, library events, group study, meetings, presentation practice, quiet study, or training.

How to Reserve a Room

Rooms 108, 109, 110, and 111 can be reserved online. Students will need to create an account with their Cougar email address to make their first reservation.

Rooms may also be reserved by talking with a library employee in person, over the phone, or by chat or text any time the library is open. Reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Rooms are reserved for two (2) hours maximum. Reservations for trainings, events, or meetings may be longer than 2 hours with an exception by the Director or Assistant Director of Stafford Library.

Persons may continue using rooms after 2 hours if there are no following reservations but may be asked to relinquish the room any time after the 2 hour limit if the room is reserved by another person.

Reservations may be cancelled if persons are more than 15 minutes late for the scheduled reservation time.

The same person/group may reserve a room only:

  • Once per day.

  • Up to 3 reservations.

Different persons from the same group may not reserve a room consecutively resulting in the room being reserved for over 2 hours for the same group.

Reservations may be made up to 1 week in advance.

  • Library staff may reserve a room for library instruction and events in advance as far as needed.

  • All other exceptions may be made only by the Director or Assistant Director of Stafford Library.

Reservation Priority

Library instruction sessions have priority in the classroom. Reservations which conflict with library instruction sessions may be:

  • Rescheduled provided library staff does this at least three working weekdays in advance of the reservation.
  • Moved to a different library room with prior notice given by phone call or message to the person who made the reservation.

Reservations will not be changed for academic classes if the faculty member wants to use a library room with less than three (3) working weekdays notice. Some examples are:

  • Equipment not working in the regularly scheduled classroom.
  • Faculty member brings class to the library without prior notice.

Restrictions in the Rooms

Do not move any equipment in the room. Tables and chairs in the classroom may be moved into any arrangement needed by the group(s) in the room.

Do not unplug any equipment and/or change any computer setting. (See the Columbia College Computer Usage Guidelines.)

Do not move the instruction desk in the library classroom.

Do not leave possessions unattended in the library.

Please dispose of food remainders outside the library.