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Luella St. Clair Moss - Resource Guide

Luella St. Clair-Moss was a president of Christian College.

Christian College Presidency

Frank St. Clair was originally selected as president of Christian (now Columbia) Female College in 1893,  According to a Chronicle issue from January 1894, the Board of Trustees felt confident that should Frank pass away, “his highly intelligent and gifted wife would be able to carry forward the work to success.”

Frank St. Clair died after just a few months in office. Luella St. Clair took on the role of president at the request of the Board.

“When the Christian College Board of Trustees hired Luella Wilcox St. Clair as president of the college in 1893, they had reason to expect committed and intelligent leadership. However the power and force of that leadership far exceeded anything they could have anticipated,” From “Columbia College: 150 years of Courage, Commitment, and Change” by Paulina A. Batterson:

St Clair was known as the “steam engine in petticoats,” and served as president and co-president of Christian Female College off-and-on for 30 years.

While the accomplishments of St. Clair are immense, some of the most impressive include:

  • Creation of a college magazine, the Chronicle
  •  Expansion of academics at the college including a School of Modern Languages and the School of Music
  • The renovation and construction of a multitude of important buildings and landmarks on campus including St. Clair Hall, named in her honor, Launer Auditorium, Dorsey Hall, Missouri Hall and Rogers Gate.
  • Creation of the Student Government Association.

Building Projects

Missouri Hall

South Campus View with St. Clair Hall and Dorsey Hall

Hughes Hall

Launer Auditorium

Rogers Gates

Dorsey Hall

Dorsey Chapel- window in honor of Annilee St. Clair