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About the Library: About the Library

About the Library

Stafford Library and its staff support the academic programs of Columbia College, serving the students, faculty and staff of the college's many campuses.

The Columbia, Mo., on-site collection of material contains more than 80,000 titles. The collected works include paper books and electronic books, CDs, videos and DVDs, journals, magazines, and newspapers.

Stafford Library's membership in the MOBIUS Consortium allows patrons access to millions of books in academic and public libraries across the state of Missouri.

The Curriculum Resource Center (CRC) offers a collection of books, textbooks, juvenile literature and non-book materials to support the Teacher Education program.

Computer workstations provide access to a variety of electronic resources and the Internet. These resources include more than 40 online databases containing full-text articles from scholarly publications as well as magazines and newspapers.

The library classroom's technology can be used for classes, meetings and groups working on presentations or study.

The library, built in 1989, provides an environment conducive to learning that will help students throughout their college careers. The library is open more than 80 hours per week, and staff members are available to provide reference help to students at all times. Library instruction is provided on an individual basis as well as to classes.