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Anthropology Resource Guide: Find Articles

Anthropology explores the diversity of humankind both in the past and present

Sociology Database

The database below is an excellent place to find journal articles dealing with sociological topics.

Multiple-Subject Databases for Sociology Articles

These multiple-subject databases will also be helpful for finding articles on sociology topics. 

Use of Other Databases for Sociology Articles

Because of the nature of the field of sociology, you will be able to find helpful information in databases usually used for other subject disciplines.  The specific database you will want to use is dependent on the particular topic you are researching.  Please contact me or another librarian if you need assistance in choosing a specific database.  Our contact information is listed on the Welcome Page of this resource guide.

Depending on your topic, the databases listed below may be useful for you.  Also see the alphabetical listing of our databases and the subject listing of our databases for even more possibilities.

Selected Journals

Special Reports from the Library's Opposing Viewpoints Database

For a wide variety of controversial social and political issues, the Opposing Viewpoints database "delivers 13,000+ pro/con views, 1,000+ court case overviews, and thousands more topic overviews, biographies and profiles" to help students understand and evaluate the issues.  (Quote is from the database itself.) 
Each Opposing Viewpoints topic/portal page contains an overview essay, viewpoint essays, news/magazine/academic journal articles, reference entries, statistics, primary source documents, and links to websites, videos, audio, and images.
You can search for topic/portal pages by using the link to the Opposing Viewpoints database listed below and clicking on the "View All" link for "Society and Culture" or other categories.  You can also enter search terms in the box in the upper right.

Electronic Journals on Sociology

The Socjournal is freely available on the Internet.  Even though it is listed in "Reader's Guide to the Social Sciences" in the Credo Reference database, we strongly recommend that you check with your instructor first before using information from this journal as a source in your papers.  Your instructor will be able to advise you whether the journal is appropriate to use for your specific assignment.

Journal & Newspaper Locator

Search for a journal, newspaper, or magazine title to see if the publication is available at the library in print and/or through one of our online databases. You can use this locator if you have a citation and want to find the article in full text.