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Psychology Resource Guide: Background Information

Psychology seeks to observe, describe, understand, predict and control behavior and psychological processes in individuals.

Why Use Reference Materials?

Reference Materials such as dictionaries and encyclopedias are useful:

  • to look up quick facts and definitions.
  • to provide a quick overview of a topic.
  • to develop vocabulary or keywords for searching.
  • to find suggestions of additional sources.

Selected Electronic Encyclopedias and Handbooks

Below are four encyclopedias and a handbook.  Additional electronic reference books can be found by searching the databases provided on this page.

Essays on Psychology from the Electronic Reference Databases

Below are some entries on psychology from the online reference databases listed on this page.  Explore these databases to see what else you can find.

Selected Reference Books Physically Located in Columbia College's Library

Below are four reference books which would be helpful for finding background information.  For more dictionaries and encyclopedias, browse the 150s in the reference collection of the library.

Selected Reference Databases

You will find these databases useful for finding facts, definitions, and topic overviews:

Selected Electronic Psychology Dictionaries

Below are 7 dictionaries.  Additional dictionaries can be found by searching the databases provided on this page.

Selected Electronic Reference Materials on Psychologists and Their Ideas

Below are two online books which provide information about psychologists and their ideas and publications.  Additional such information can be found by searching the databases provided on this page.