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Management Resource Guide: Find Articles

"The work or act of directing and controlling a group of people within an organization for the purpose of accomplishing shared goals or objectives." (From the "Special Topics in Management Research Starter available in Cougar Search)

Find Articles


Article Quick Search

Find journal, magazine, and newspaper articles


Individual Business Databases Good for Management-Related Topics

These databases are an excellent place to find journal articles on management and other business topics.

Other Useful Databases for Management-Related Topics

These databases may also be helpful for finding articles on management-related topics.

Newspaper Databases

Search in these newspaper databases for management-related topics.

Selected Journals

Click on the links below to search in individual journals related to management.  These are only some of the journals you have access to when you search in the "Article Quick Search" box and in the individual databases listed on this page.  

Sample Searches

When you click on the links below, you can modify the searches by using the limiting options in the left column and by adding other search terms in the boxes at the top.