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Management Resource Guide: Find E-Books

"The work or act of directing and controlling a group of people within an organization for the purpose of accomplishing shared goals or objectives." (From the "Special Topics in Management Research Starter available in Cougar Search)

Largest E-Book Database

Search our largest EBSCOHOST ebook collection:


EBSCOhost ebooks

EBSCOhost eBook Collection

An electronic book collection of more than 140,000 titles covering a wide range of subjects.

Other Relevant E-Book Databases Provided by the Library

Search these additional library databases for e-books.  

Essay on Management Theory

The essay linked to below is from the Historical Encyclopedia of American Business found in the Salem Press database.

Selected E-Book Essays on Management and Leadership Topics

Click on the links below for topic page essays from the Credo Reference database.

Use the Credo Reference link above to search for other topic pages of interest.

Each topic page typically contains:

  • An encyclopedia article.
  • Links to other Credo reference book entries on the topic.
  • A Mind Map with links to related concepts. 

Selected E-Book Topics

The links below contain the results of subject searches in the EBSCOhost eBook Collection. When you click on a link, you can modify the search by using the limiting options in the left column and by adding other search terms in the boxes at the top.

Search for other terms using the EBSCOhost eBook Collection search box on this page.

Selected E-Books on Management

Click on the title link of each book below to access it. 

Additional such books may be found in the databases provided on this page.