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Literature for Children and Adolescents - EDUC 270 Resource Guide

The study of literature for children and adolescents as a literary genre.

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Please Note: Book services vary depending on your location

  • Columbia, Missouri Area Residents: Check out books, videos, and other materials directly from the Columbia College Library.  Search the catalog using the search box above.  Expand your search to MOBIUS and request items be delivered to the Columbia College Library for pick-up.
  • Missouri Residents, but not in the Columbia Area:  Start by searching MOBIUS directly, and request books be sent to the MOBIUS Library closest to you for pick-up.
  • Non-Missouri Residents: Students who do not reside in Missouri are not provided access to Columbia College physical books and videos nor resources in MOBIUS.  However, electronic books are available. Try Search E-Books Only or your local library. Also, can show you what is available in your local area.  If you have any questions please Contact Us.

Nonfiction for Children

Click on the title to go to the full text of the article.

How to Find Non-Fiction Books for Children

You can find nonfiction books by searching for a subject and adding  juvenile literature to your search. Examples are:

War - Juvenile literature

Human body - Juvenile literature

You can use a keyword search and then check for specific subject headings to narrow your results.


Selected Titles

These are links to books in MOBIUS. Columbia College Missouri students, staff, and faculty can request books through MOBIUS.

Finding Children's and YA Literature

Children’s and young adult literature materials can be found by searching the library’s online catalog.  The most common searches are by the author’s name, the title of the item, or by subject heading. You can also do a search with key words. If you combine the word "juvenile" with a subject, you will get a list of children's books with those words in the subject headings.

Choose the search option, "Children's Subject" to search children's materials. If you search for a subject such as “horses,” you will retrieve non-fiction items about horses; if you search for “horses fiction,” you will retrieve stories about horses. 

Note:  if you do a subject search for "children's literature," you will retrieve materials about children's literature, not actual examples of children's literature.

Stafford Library Reference Books on Children's Literature

These are available in Stafford Library only. Click on the title to go to the library catalog.