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Help With Library Access

  • Are you using a VPN client? While the VPN client for Columbia College should not restrict access, other clients might. If you are using a client not provided by Columbia College, try logging out of the client and accessing our databases normally.

  • Are you using citation software/plug-ins? It may be possible that the plug-in or client could be causing a conflict with the database if it is open and/or running.

  • If you are attempting to access the library through a work-related network, verify with your IT department that there are no restrictions that would prevent you from access.

  • Are you using the correct link? Are you clicking on a link that is not on the library website, such as an online course, an instructor's course materials, etc.? If so, try locating the resource directly from the library website.

  • Did a message like the example below display after clicking on a resource? If so, please take a screenshot or copy and paste the error and submit it to us using the Problem Report Form. This message indicates that the resource needs to be added to our proxy system and we will work on correcting that as soon as possible.

To allow to be used in a starting point URL, your EZproxy administrator must first authorize the hostname of this URL in the config.txt file.

Within this database's section of config.txt, either the following line must be added: 

Host or, alternatively, a RedirectSafe for this host or domain may be appropriate.