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Columbia College Archives: Welcome

Columbia College Archives are kept in three rooms in the basement of Dorsey Hall.

Columbia College Archives

The Columbia College Archives are located in three rooms in the basement of Dorsey Hall. The classroom is used to provide information about the history of the college. There are college publications such as newsletters, yearbooks, newspaper clippings, and catalogs. There are items from the history of the college such as clothing, ceramics, and glassware. There is a textile room with a collection of clothing from Jane Froman, an alumna of Christian College, as well as historical clothing from other donors. There are hats, shoes, and purses as well. The workroom is used by staff to store historical items of the college and receive items that are donated.

Appointments to visit the archives can be made with the library. Research questions about the college history can be submitted to the library as well. For more images and documents from archives you can visit the Columbia College Archives Repository. Use use the search and browse in the banner at the top of the screen or click on the images to go to the different collections.

Christmas over the years

Images of College History

Historical Clothing

Views of the main campus


Ivy Chain Ceremony