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How to use EBSCO eBooks - Resource Guide: Viewing

Instructions on using EBSCOhost e-books

Reading EBSCOhost eBooks

eBook Viewer

EBSCO’s updated online eBook viewer supports reading on desktop or laptop computers and tablet devices. Our reader is browser-based, so there’s no need to download special software or hardware; users simply search, click and immediately start reading.

What is the EPUB Format?

  • EPUB is an open eBook standard and file format that allows you to increase the size of the font, enabling you to optimize the viewing experience on desktop computers, smart phones, and tablets.
  • EPUB has become the industry standard format for delivering eBooks, because it enables publishers to create books that behave more like web content.
  • EPUB titles are often embedded with links to help the user navigate between sections, from the index to the relevant pages, and out to the open web.
  • Fit Page to Viewport: Click the icon to fit the entire page into the viewport.

  • Zoom Out: Click the icon to display the text in a smaller font size.

  • Zoom In: Click the icon to display text in a larger font size.

  • EPUB format is not compatible with Internet Explorer browsers 7 & 8. When trying to open an EPUB format eBook in IE 7 or 8, you are prompted to upgrade your browser to IE 9. For more info about EPUB, click here.

  • While the text-to-speech feature is not available in the eBook Viewer, you are able to save parts of an eBook in PDF format and use the Adobe Reader Read Aloud functionality to hear the eBook section read out loud.

  • To learn more about EPUB format and the difference between EPUB and PDF format, see the following FAQs:
  • What is EPUB for EBSCO eBooks?
  • What is the difference between PDF and ePub when downloading EBSCO eBooks?
  • What is the difference between viewing EBSCO eBooks in PDF and EPUB formats online?

Reading eBooks

You can read the eBook online by clicking on the eBook Full Text link on the Result List or Detailed Record.  These links demonstrate to how read eBooks on EBSCO interfaces, including how to view detailed record information about eBook titles.

eBook Detailed Record

eBook Viewer