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Entrepreneurship Resource Guide: Welcome

“Process of identifying opportunities and marshaling resources so as to create new products and services for which there is a felt need, in anticipation of subsequent profits.” (From the “AMA Dictionary of Business and Management” in the eBook Collection

About This Guide

This resource guide was designed to assist you with:

  • Research on entrepreneurship for your classes.
  • Submitting student-led business ideas in your application for the Student Business Pitch Competition of the Fishman Center for Entrepreneurship.
  • Preparing to pitch your idea at the Student Business Pitch Competition.
  • Making you aware of organizations and websites that can help entrepreneurs.

To navigate this guide, click on the tabs above or on the links in the Table of Contents below.  

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Table of Contents

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Mary Batterson created this guide in October 2017.

If you have any questions, email Mary at