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Company and Industry Information Resource Guide: Using Databases

Using Databases

Databases with Company and Industry Information

IBISWorld is the library's most comprehensive industry database.  Click on the link below to access a page of this guide telling you how to use this database.



The databases below are other very good places in which to find information on specific companies and industries. Click on the appropriate link to access a page telling you how to use that database.

Business Source Complete Database

Nexis Uni Database

Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage Database

Value Line Research Center Database

The NAICS & SIC Codes page tells you how to find those codes when you are searching for information on a particular industry. 

Other Business Databases

Search these additional business databases for more journal articles on a specific company or industry. 

Other Useful Databases for Business Articles

These multiple-subject databases may also be helpful for finding articles on business topics. 

Newspaper Databases

The databases below give you access to search multiple newspaper titles simultaneously.