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Company and Industry Information Resource Guide: IBISWorld


IBISWorld is the most comprehensive industry database that the library subscribes to.  It also contains information on many companies.

Searching by Entering a Term in the Search Bar

As prompted, you can type:

  • An industry name or keyword.
  • A company name.
  • A code, such as the industry NAICS code or the IBISWorld code for a specialized report.

Using the "Company Research" Feature of IBISWorld

Drop down the "Company Research" menu in the dark red banner at the top.  

Click on the link for "U.S. Company Benchmarking."

The companies included are arranged in alphabetical order.  

The U.S. Company Benchmarking Profiles analyze thousands of leading public and private companies. These profiles consist of an overview of the company and a breakdown of how it performs in the industries it operates in. Each profile includes company financials, an industry market share breakdown, an industry competitor matrix, SWOT analysis, Products and Services, and Key Company Benchmarks.  

Searching by Using the Options in the "Industry Research" Drop-Down Menu

Drop down the "Industry Research" menu in the dark red banner at the top.

You will see these choices:

  • U.S. Industry Reports (NAICS)
  • U.S. Industry Specialized Industry Reports
  • U.S. Industry iExpert Summaries
  • U.S. Specialized Industry iExpert Summaries
  • U.S. Spotlight Industry Reports
  • U.S. Business Environment Profiles

Each of these types of reports are grouped in categories.  Scroll through them to see if there are reports on topics that affect the industry or company you are researching.