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Company and Industry Information Resource Guide: Other Websites

Other Websites

Trade & Professional Associations

Associations provide information on the industry with which they are affiliated.  The sites below may help you find a relevant association.

Business News Sites

Search for information on your company or industry in the news sites below.

Accessing Local Business News

You may be able to find information on your company or industry in local business publications.  Use the links below to access such publications.

There is some overlapping of the links on both of the sites below, but each site does have links the other one does not provide. 

Government Sites

Links to relevant federal government sites may be found on the Government Links page of this resource guide. 

Internet Sites on Specific Industries

Search Your NAICS Code on the Internet

Search the internet for NAICS plus the code for your industry.

For example, google NAICS 511130 for internet sites on the Book Publishers industry. 

To find out what the NAICS code for your industry is, go to the NAICS & SIC Codes page of the Industry Ratios Resource Guide.

Evaluate the sites you find for trustworthiness. Not all Internet sites are trustworthy or appropriate to use as research sources.

The linked-to document below gives advice on how to evaluate sources.

If you have any concerns about the credibility of an Internet site, consult your instructor or a librarian for evaluation assistance.

Internet Sites for Company & Industry Information

The internet sites below contain good information on companies and/or industries. 

Look also at the website of the company you are researching and at the website of related trade association(s).