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Company and Industry Information Resource Guide: Find SWOT Analyses

What Is a SWOT Analysis?

More Detailed Explanations of SWOT Analyses

Finding Industry and Company SWOT Analyses in the IBISWorld Database

Each industry report in the IBISWorld database includes a SWOT analysis along with other information that could be useful in doing a similar analysis.  Using the instructions on the IBISWorld database page, bring up an industry report.  Drop down the "Industry at a Glance" menu in the left column and click on the link for "SWOT in the industry."  Explore the other sections in the left column for additional information.  For example, the "Industry Performance" section has information on the Key External Drivers of the industry.

Most company reports in the IBISWorld database include a SWOT analysis.  Using the instructions on the IBISWorld database page, bring up a company report.  In the left column, there will be drop-down menus for one or more industries the company is associated with.  The company's SWOT analysis is in the "Competitive Environment"  and "Competitive Analysis" parts of each industry.  

Finding a Company SWOT Analysis in the Business Source Complete Database

Business Source Complete has a high number of published SWOT analyses of companies. These analyses are from the MarketLine company.

Finding Industry and Company SWOT Analyses in the Nexis Uni Database

Each company report retrieved in the "Company Dossier" section of Nexis Uni  has a company SWOT analysis and/or an industry SWOT analysis.  

In the top left of the screen where the name "Nexis Uni"  is displayed, you will see a "Menu" link.  Click on that link and choose the option of "Company Dossier."  The company search field is set to search by "company name," but you can choose to search it by ticker symbol and some other options.  

When you have brought up a company's report, drop down the "Industry Knowledge" section in the left column and click on "Company SWOT Analysis" or "Industry SWOT Analysis."