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Company and Industry Information Resource Guide: Nexis Uni Database

Nexis Uni

This database used to be called LexisNexis Academic.

How Do I Find Company Information in Nexis Uni?

There are two ways to find company information in Nexis Uni.

  • Use the Guided Search's "Company Info" option.
  • Use the "Company Dossier" option.

See the boxes below for details on both of these options.

Using Guided Search's "Company Info" Option

Access the Nexis Uni database using the link to it above.

Click on the "Company Info" box in the "Guided Search" section of the screen.  

Enter the company name in the first search box.  

The box to the right of where you enter the company name is defaulted to "Company Profile."  Either:

  • Leave it defaulted to "Company Profile" and click on the blue "Search" link, OR
  • Click on the "down arrow" key in the "Company Profile" box in order to drop down the menu.  Click on the appropriate choice.Then, click on the blue "Search" link.  

If you get too many results, use the limiters in the left column.  For a public company, you can type its ticker symbol in the "Search Within Results" box.

Using Company Dossier to Access Information on a Company

On any screen of the database, drop down the menu to the right of "Nexis Uni" at the top left of the screen. 

Click on the "Company Dossier" option.

Enter a company name or its ticker symbol in the appropriate box.  Click on "Search."

If there is more than one company listed, click on the link for the appropriate one.

Information about the company is displayed on the screen.  More information may be found by clicking on the links provided in the displayed document and in the column on the left side of the screen.



How Do I Find Industry Information for a Particular Company?

Follow the steps in the left column of this page for using the Company Dossier to access information on a company.

Click on the link for "Industry Knowledge" in the left column and then on its sublinks.  

Is There a Way to Compare Companies in Nexis Uni?

Yes, the Nexis Uni database has a "Compare Companies" report feature that lists each company's assets, liabilities, and income statement components next to each other.  Only companies traded on U.S. stock exchanges can be compared using this feature.

To access this feature:

  • Click on the link for the database on this page. 
  • On any screen of the database, drop down the menu to the right of Nexis Uni" at the top left of the screen. 
  • Click on the "Company Dossier" option.
  • "Company" is the default tab with "Find a Company" the default option.
  • Click on the "Compare Companies" link in the lower half of the banner at the top.
  • Enter the companies' names or tickers in the appropriate boxes.
  • Click on "Compare."
  • If asked to select from a list of options, do so and click on "OK."
  • The comparison data appears on the screen.