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Marketing Research - MKTG 441 Resource Guide: New Strategist Publications

New Strategist Publications

What Kind of Information Can I Find in New Strategist Publications?

They contain a wealth of American demographic and consumer-spending data. So, explore the e-books on this page published by New Strategist to see the valuable information they offer.

For other helpful e-books, see the Find E-Books page of this guide.

Who's Buying ...

The books below "give researchers even more detail about how much Americans spend by the demographics that count—age, income, household type, race and Hispanic origin, region of residence, and education. To round out the spending picture, researchers also get “who are the best customers” analyses of the data."  (Quote is from the website of the publisher.)

American Generations

"Each of the ... volumes in the American Generations Series provides an in-depth look at the demographic and lifestyle data most important for researchers who want to understand how each generation is changing and what to expect from them in the future."  (Quote is from the publisher's website.)

More Information on American Demographics and Consumer Spending

Race and Ethnicity Demographics

Additional Data on Americans

To Find Further Information

Links to additional demographic resources may be found in the book below.