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Marketing Research - MKTG 441 Resource Guide: Statistics Refresher

LearningExpress Library Database

The LearningExpress Library is a good resource for reviewing statistical methods.

  • Click on the link below for the database.
  • If you are off campus, type in your CougarTrack username and password.
  • Type statistics in the "Find Resources" box in the top right part of the screen and press the enter key.
  • A list of 27 e-books and 1 tutorial appears.
  • To use any of the resources, click on the register link and fill out the required fields.  It is NOT necessary to enter your student ID number or the course information.  In the future, you will click on the login link and enter your email address and password that you set up at the time of registration.  Your password can be the same one you use for CougarTrack or a different one.

Selected Print Books at Stafford Library

The books below are only a few of the ones you can find in the print collection at Stafford Library.  To find other titles, search the catalog on the Find Books page of this guide.

Selected Resources from the Science Reference Center Database

The essays below are from Mathematics: Statistical Methodologies.

Selected Essay on Statistics from an E-Book in the Salem Database

Selected E-Books on Statistics

Click on the title link of each book below to access it. 

Additional such books may be found in the databases provided in the Find E-Books page of this guide.

YouTube Videos

Below are some search results by searching in Excel.

"Statistics How to" Website

Khan Academy's Website

Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.

Educational Institutions' Websites to Help with Statistical Concepts

University and school websites on statistical concepts can be helpful for a refresher.  Google "Statistics Review site:edu" for such sites.  Below are some sample sites.

Other Websites to Help with Statistical Concepts