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Marketing Research - MKTG 441 Resource Guide: Find Articles

Find Articles

Databases with Company and Industry Information

These databases are an excellent place to find information on:

  • The company you are researching.
  • The company's industry.
  • Specific companies which are competitors to your organization.

Business Databases

In the databases below, you can find:

  • Additional information on the company and/or industry you are researching.
  • Information about factors and trends which contribute to or hinder the successful marketing of your company or product. 
  • Journal articles dealing with a wide variety of business topics.

You may also find journal articles in the Business Source Ultimate database listed in the box above.

Other Useful Databases for Business Articles

These multiple-subject databases may also be helpful for finding articles on business topics. 

Newspaper Databases

The databases below give you access to search multiple newspaper titles simultaneously.

Marketing Research Information in the Business Source Complete Database

The Business Source Ultimate database is an excellent place to search for marketing research information because it contains country reports, industry profiles, market research reports, and company information and profiles. 

To find this information in the Business Source Ultimate database, follow these steps:

  • On the initial page, click on the "Full Text" box in the "Limit Your Results" section. 
  • On the initial page, also scroll down the "Publication Type" menu and click on one of these:  "Country Report," "Industry Profile, or "Market Research Report."
  • Enter a search term in the first box at the top.
  • Consider fine-tuning your search by choosing one of the categories in the drop-down menu to the right of your search box.  For example, if you typed a company name, choose "CO Company Entity."  If you entered "integrated circuits," for example, choose "SU Subject Terms."  If you typed in a NAICS code, choose "IC NAICS Code or Description."  If you typed in a country, for example, choose "GE Geographic Terms."
  • Consider limiting your search to information published between certain years, such as 2013 - 2016.  You can do this in the "Published Date" field of "Limit Your Results.
  • Click on "Search."

If you are looking for information on a specific company or a specified type of company, two more search strategies are explained below for the Business Source Ultimate database:

  • Click on "Company Information" in the blue banner at the top.
  • If you have a specific company in mind, type its name in the box near the top and click on "Search."  Click on the appropriate link from the results that appear.  Click on an appropriate link in the "Related Information" box in the left column, such as Market Research Reports or Industry Profiles.  Use the limiters in the left column to narrow your results down. 
  • If you are looking for information on a type of company, use the fields in the "Limit Your Results" section of the screen to set your criteria.  Click on "Search."


  • Click on "Company Profiles" from the drop-down "More" menu in the blue banner at the top.
  • See if your company is in the list.
  • If it is, click on the report's link.

Find Articles


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